Vegetarian Hanami Bento Making Workshop, 4/21 ベジタリアンお花見弁当作り体験, Comado, 日曜日, 21. 4月 2019

The key to a successful hanami party is hanami bento—a lunch box with seasonal delicacies. In this workshop, you can try and make your own hanami bento box with a culinary professional. 
Iwai-san, the owner of a bakery, Comado, will introduce to us in Japanese obento dishes from her original recipes. With simple techniques, tips and tricks she will guide us through her take on bento with a fusion of east-west flavours. Using her working experience from a restaurant abroad, you can learn how to recreate the meals in your home country—such as making rice with no rice cooker.
The recipes are vegetarian. You can master how to make the iconic onigiri or learn about vegan alternatives such as the vegan shogayaki, which uses textured soy protein. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a meat lover, you will surely find an interesting skill to add to your daily meals.
The venue is close to Tsutsujigaoka Park, so after the session, you can celebrate Hanami (an outdoor picnic under cherry blossoms) with your own bento box creation! 
If you have food allergies please get in touch. We provide bento boxes for you to bring back with but you can also bring your own.
[Course Dishes]・3 flavoured onigiri (rice cooked with bamboo shoots, soy meat keema curry and rice salad with hijiki seaweed and watercress )・Sautee of freeze-dried tofu・Lotus *****・Red cabbage sauerkraut ・Spring vegetables with marinated salty seaweed・Soy meat shogayaki (ginger soy sauce)
When: Sunday, April 21, 2019, 11:00–13:00Where: ComadoTime: 120 minutesSize: Up to 6 people (minimum 2)*Cost: 3,710 yenApplication Deadline: 4 days before event*Note that if the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled and money refunded
======Meeting Point and Timetable======
MEETING POINT: In front of the ticket gate at JR Tsutsujigaoka Station by 11:00AM(Tsutsujigaoka Station is on JR Senseki Line)
11:00 Meet at JR Tsutsujigaoka Station, leave for the venue11:15 Welcome and introduction11:20 Making recipes13:00 Finish
=====What’s Included======
Volunteer English interpreterRecipes and dishes Bento box
=====What to Bring======
Bring your own apron, or you can just dress casual

・おにぎり3種(竹の子炊き込みご飯 玄米ご飯+大豆ミートのキーマカレー ひじき&クレソンの混ぜご飯)・高野豆腐のソテー 粒マスタード醤油ソース・レンコン団子・紫キャベツのザワークラウト風・春野菜のマリネ 塩昆布仕立て・大豆ミートの生姜焼き
======概要======日程:2019年4月21日(日) 11:00〜13:00会場: Comado所用時間: 約2時間定員: 6名※最少催行人数2名参加費: 3,710円対象: 日本人・外国人
JR仙石線 榴ヶ岡駅改札前
講師:岩井 博美 / Hiromi Iwai

Vegetarian Hanami Bento Making Workshop, 4/21 ベジタリアンお花見弁当作り体験