User Experience (UX) design workshop - Tokyo, Basis Point 新橋店, 土曜日, 14. 12月 2019

User Experience (UX) design workshop 

What you will learn
This class is all about establishing a design thinking mindset to tackle business problems.  Theories will be intertwined with the instructor's "in-the-trenches" know-how and insights from his years of experience working at Pure, Amazon, and IBM.
Insight generations

User interview technique that informs design decisions
Qualitative data analysis with cost-efficient affinity mapping
Use of personas and user stories to define business requirements

UX design techniques

usability evaluation
psychology in design
visual hierarchy
color in design
information architecture
design layout
UI simplification

Practical solutions

Quick prototyping with Balsamiq and Sketch
Lean user-testing techniques to validate usability
Designing mobile apps that eliminate factors leading to abandonment
Form design optimization to maximize checkout conversions
Adoption strategy in UI design & prototyping tools
Core skill in pitching and selling your design

Learning by doing

Class exercises provide students a chance to practice what they learn from the instructor

On-demand topics

The UX career landscape - where to go from here
Designing an effective UX portfolio that gets you noticed
Hiring the perfect designers - what you need to know
Building design teams and establishing a design process
UX trend in augmented reality (AR) and voice interface

" Your knowledge, experience, and passion for design really came through in the class. That is really appreciated - and also encouraging and motivating. I have sketches to mock up and new ideas for my approach to wireframes and it's all because of the class and your instruction." - Mark F., Designer at Polycom
" I wanted to thank you for a terrific, informative UX design bootcamp. I was impressed by your knowledge, really enjoyed your lecture style, and appreciate you staying after to answer questions." - Skye S.,  Design Consultant
" Thanks for a great bootcamp this weekend! I really enjoyed it and you’re an excellent teacher. Your class really helped solidify my interest in UX research." - Jayelin F., Stanford University

Who is this course for?
This course is designed to get you started practicing UX research & design by teaching you the key concepts and skillset you need to begin designing user-friendly and difference-making apps.  The course is a good fit for the following professionals

Developers will gain a better understanding of how they can build software that users find intuitive and delightful to use, thus reducing usability bugs, customer frustrations, and time-wasting rework
Product managers, engineering managers, strategists, startup entrepreneurs, marketing, and other customer-facing professionals will benefit from learning new UX skills to generate high-quality customer insights and design feedback
Visual designers and UI designers will be able to upskill and leverage their new skill set to expand their career options
UX designers will learn from a seasoned professional on the soft skills/business skills required to make UX successful in their workplaces
Love good design?  You'll love this class.

Event Location

Basis Point 新橋店

〒105-0004東京都港区新橋2-19-3カシケイビル2FJR 新橋駅 銀座口より徒歩1分東京メトロ銀座線・都営浅草線 新橋駅2番出口より徒歩1分ゆりかもめ 新橋駅より徒歩1分

What you need to bring
Your laptop. That's it.  Class materials will be shared ahead of the class.  

No prior knowledge of UX design is necessary.  The class will be conducted in English, however, so basic fluency in English is desired.

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User Experience (UX) design workshop - Tokyo