SoGal Tokyo: Let's talk with Next Generation Entrepreneur, Tokyo, 金曜日, 22. 2月 2019

Sogal is coming to Tokyo! 
“So, what is entrepreneurship?”
Starting from zero and challenging the status quo, can be tough, but it is indeed achievable. Pocket Sun, a co-founder of SoGal Ventures, will bring you inspiration on starting from zero.She is the founder of "Sogal" and founding partner of "Sogal Ventures", both an entrepreneur and investor who is featured on multiple media including Forbes Asia.
"SoGal" is a community of "SoGal Ventures", which invests in startups globally. We would like to share our spirit in empowering diversity in entrepreneur and tech space. For more details, scroll down!
Pocket Sun, Co-Founder @ SoGal Ventures
Pocket has been a featured speaker at the most prestigious conferences around the world, including Microsoft CEO Summit, Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit, and TEDx. She holds a Master of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California.
Watch her TED talk! 
To be decided, very soon!
7:45 PM - 8:00 PM | Attendee arrival, connecting, mingling, networking
8:00 PM - 8:45 PM | Introductions, panel 
8:45 PM - 9:00 PM | Q&A
9:00 PM - 9:30 PM | Connecting, mingling, networking
——About Pocket Sun——
Pocket Sun founded SoGal, one of world's largest communities of diverse entrepreneurs and investors with 10+ chapters worldwide. She has extensive experience working with startups and corporations across the US, China, and Southeast Asia. She has been on the cover of Forbes Asia magazine as a 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital, selected as LinkedIn Top 10 Voices in VC & Entrepreneurship, and interviewed by BBC, CNBC, Fortune, CCTV, Inc., Harper's BAZAAR, etc.
——About SoGal Ventures——
SoGal Ventures is redefining the next generation of diverse founders and funders.
As the first female-led millennial venture capital firm, SoGal Ventures represents how far our generation has come, and how deep our impact on the world can be. We believe in the power of diversity, borderless business, and human-centric design. We invest in seed stage diverse founding teams in the U.S. and Asia, and aim to be the first institutional investor for our portfolio companies. Our investments paint the future picture of how we live, work, and stay healthy.

——About SoGal———
SoGal is the largest global platform for the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs and investors.
We are a powerful network built by fearless visionaries and relentless executors.
We believe in diversity, breaking the norms, and changing the world.
With SoGal, You will always be energized, motivated and inspired.
Through entrepreneurship and venture capital, SoGal is redefining what YOU are capable of.

SoGal Tokyo: Let's talk with Next Generation Entrepreneur