Petar Dundov at Re:invent by Re:birth, 日本, 土曜日, 03. 2月 2018

【 脳内シナプス直撃!!Sven Väth、Laurent Garnierを虜にするテクノの申し子、Petar Dundov!! 】

Jeff Mills、Green Velvet、Robert Hoodなどのリリースをしてきたベルギーの超名門レーベルMusic Manの看板アーティストPetar DundovがついにVENTに登場!

Sasha、Ben Klock、Prins Thomasなど様々なジャンルのトップアクトがこぞってPetarのトラックをプレイし、Sven Väth、Francois K、Laurent Garnier、Adam Beyer、Josh WinkなどはPetarのファンだと公言するほど彼の音楽に信頼を寄せている。まさしくテクノの申し子といっていいだろう。

” 音楽でインスピレーションの世界と物理的な世界を繋ぐこと。その二つの世界を一つにすること。音楽には心に作用する不思議な力があり、自分の音楽で人々の心を呼び起こしたい。” という強いビジョンを持つPeter Dundov。

名だたるフェス、最高峰のクラブへの出演履歴はもちろん、昨年のRe:birth Festivalと2016年のThe Labyrinthでも驚異的なパフォーマンスを見せた鬼才のプレイを、


For 2018, we are proud to present a new series of Techno events by Re:birth Festival in VENT which we are suitably calling Re:invent!!

For the first edition of Re:invent, we will bring you one of our favorite Techno masterminds: Petar Dundov! His set at Re:birth Festival 2017 blew us away and we are looking forward to hearing him on VENT's amazing custom Taguchi Sound System, which in our opinion is one of the best club systems in Tokyo!


Direct to your brain synapse!! Peter Dundov, the guy enraptures the heart of Sven Väth and Laurent Garnier!!

From the superior Belgian label Music Man Records, following the path that Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, Robert Hood walked, this techno whiz kid Peter Dundov is coming to play at VENT!

Dundov’s tracks are played by many of top acts in the world such as Sasha, Ben Klock & Prins Thomas. His diversity flawlessly moves around any genre, and even Sven Väth, Francois K, Laurent Garnier, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink have officially stated that they are all fans of Dundov. You don’t need any more proof that Petar Dundov is one of the new masterminds of techno.

Having a strong vision for music, he left the message as follows. “My ultimate goal as a producer and musician is to bridge the world of inspiration and physical world to the extent where the listener wouldn't be able to distinguish between the two. Music has this unique property to communicate deep emotions that are inherently in all of us. My search is an attempt to revive those emotions where we all resonate as one.”

On top of playing at numerous festivals and world-class clubs, he appeared at Re:birth Festival last year and Labyrinth in 2016 and he surely showed his genius talent to the Japanese crowds. Listening with one of the top sound system in Japan, you will not regret the experience.


Petar Dundov at Re:invent by Re:birth
Venue: VENT (Omotesando)
Date : February 3rd, 2018 (SAT)
Open/Start @ 23:00

Door : ¥3,500 ◆ FB Discount/Flyer : ¥3,000 ◆ Advance: ¥2,500

Petar Dundov (Music Man Records / Break New Soil Recordings)
GONNO (International Feel / Ostgut Ton)
Dani Savant (Mind Off)
Reki (Elephant)

Shhhhh (El Folclore Paradox)
Kojiro (Re:birth Festival)
iYama (Manosu / Ballad)
BlackShip (Sunny)


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Petar Dundov at Re:invent by Re:birth

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