One to One Admission Informative Chat - Tokyo, Palace Lounge (Palace Hotel Tokyo 1F), 水曜日, 15. 5月 2019

Only for residents in Japan.
This is one to one informative meeting with an IE representative in Tokyo. The primary purpose of the meeeting is for you to grab better idea not only about admission process but also how IE program could impact your career development.
This is particularly substantial for forward-looking women who're keen to progress career!
Your specific meeting date & time slot (60 mins) will be arranged separately. Once you register here, you will receive an email to choose a slot. Even if you register through this website, until you book a specific slot through a separate email guidance, your booking is NOT complete yet.
IMPORTANT: In case your place of residence is NOT Japan, your registration will be automatically cancelled. Thank you for your understanding.

One to One Admission Informative Chat - Tokyo