Kyoto Samurai Show and Samurai Sword Experience in Kyoto, Kyoto Samurai & Ninja Museum, 火曜日, 16. 4月 2019

Samurai Kyoto show is one of the most entertaining shows in Japan. Your trip to Kansai cannot be complete without watching a Kyoto samurai sword show. Many call this breath-taking performance as the highlight of their trip. The swordsmanship and the traditional moves of Japanese samurais that includes iaido and kenbu have been beautifully choreographed and presented in front of your eyes. A short glimpse into the way the samurai moved their sword will not only entertain you but also inspire you. This activity takes place inside the Kyoto samurai & ninja museum (#1 museum in Kyoto) and it includes

Iado sword show by a sword master

Samurai history tour in English at the Kyoto samurai and ninja museum

Samurai dress up

Samurai sword lesson

Ninja star throw experience

Ninja blowgun experience

The ticket includes many experiences in Kyoto samurai & ninja museum. Don't miss this opportunity. Just in case you are wondering, the Kyoto sword lesson consists of the master's instructions on

how to properly stand like a samurai

how to properly draw a katana like a samurai

How to properly hold the katana like a samurai

How  to properly slash

How to properly put your sword back into the sheath

The Kyoto samurai show and the sword lesson has a high satisfaction rate. Reserve before all the slots are sold out.

Kyoto Samurai Show and Samurai Sword Experience in Kyoto