Kyoto launch ✿ Garland, Aoi Shinmachi-Machiya, 木曜日, 21. 2月 2019

Over five years, Garland visits 20 creative centres of the Indo Pacific. We explore the different values of what we make in the world, including joy of making, building community and telling stories. We invite you to share this journey with us.
Kyoto is the location of our thirteenth issue, which explores the role of craft in everyday life reflecting the "experience economy". You are invited to a conversation in English and Japanese, with local contributors, to reflect on Kyoto and how it is evolving new models for 生きている コゲイ Ikiteiru Kōgei (Living craft). The Garland editor Kevin Murray will give an overview of the journey so far that includes stories from Oaxaca (Mexico), Bali, Iran, India, Thailand, Pacific Islands and Australia. The discussion will then consider Japanese craft in the world, including tourists visiting Kyoto and “experiencing” craft, Japanese craft techniques evolving in foreign lands and concepts popular overseas such as tokimeku (Marie Kondo). How should Kyoto export its craft culture?
You can read our issue in English here and in Japanese here. 

Kyoto launch ✿ Garland