Kamakura Museum Tour, Kamakura Kokuhoukan Museum, 土曜日, 16. 2月 2019

The publishers of LOCAL FOCUS, an English guidebook on Kamakura and Enoshima, have organized event to offer English speakers a chance to experience “the spirit of the Kamakura warrior” through the Zen aesthetic of sado, or tea ceremony and art appreciation. 
In this museum tour, we will visit the Kamakura Museum of National Treasures and the  Kamakura-bori (Kamakura-style lacquerware) Museum, a private Kamakura-bori studio which is normally closed to public, and Shojin-ryori (Buddhist vegan cuisine) lunch served on Kamakura-bori ware. At those museums and studion, curators will give us private tour with explanation of the art works, history and more followed by "Q & A" time.

Kamakura Museum Tour