IE Expert Alumni Talk: Discover Fast Growing Startup Ecosystem in Brazil: vs Japan, AP Tokyo Marunouchi, 金曜日, 08. 3月 2019

Brazil, the furthest country from Japan, has the highly growing startup ecosystem which is not well known in Japan.

In 2018, several startups reached more than US$1B, including IPO to NYSE and NASDAQ. Softbank vision fund is also investing on various Brazilian Startups.

Brazil has more than 200 million population, 5th in the world, 4th largest Internet user base, penetration of smartphone is similar to Japanese market. Several institutions expect to ultrapass Japan by GDP around 2040-2050.

We will introduce the Brazilian startup ecosystem which is recently increasing attention from Japanese investors.

Join us the talk session by IE Business School’s Japanese MBA alumni, Mitsuru Nakayama - an expert in startup ecosystem in Brazil in an occasion of his visit to Japan to celebrate the publish of his book! The session will be followed by IE Business School introduction and networking cocktail.

    19:00 – 19:30: Brazilian Startup Ecosystem and how overseas entrepreneurs are different from Japanese entrepreneurs

    19:30 – 20:00: Panel

    20:00 – 20:30: Institution Introduction of IE

    21:00 - : Networking Cocktail (Venue will be announced only to the event attendees)

*Agenda is subject to change.

IE Expert Alumni Talk: Discover Fast Growing Startup Ecosystem in Brazil: vs Japan

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