ICU 2019: The 10 Year Promise, 日本, 金曜日, 10. 5月 2019


I realized that a lot of 2008-2009 OYRS are in the 2020 group for the OYRs 2009-2010. So i decided we needed our own group!

Theres been talk about it on the 2020 page but no one has of yet created an event for it.

The thing is simple, When are we all going to see each other again if not at ICU? =)

Its no longer ten years now, more like 6ish but it would still be fun to see everyone who we spent a lot of memorable moments with at ICU during the academic year 2008-2009.

As a regular student, I'd also like to see all the class of 2012. I'm sure we'll all have much to talk about!!!

SO you guys have 6-7 years to save up!!!! Invite everyone who was there 2008-2009!!


ICU 2019: The 10 Year Promise