DEVCON5 Blockchain Research Meetup, goo-note, 水曜日, 09. 10月 2019

DEVCON5 Blockchain Research Meetup is a place where researchers/developers working on blockchain-related security share their ideas and discuss. Food and drinks are provided!
Time table (provisional):
- 18:00: Reception
- 18:30: Presentations (10 ~ 30 min for each)
- 21:30: Closing
The venue: goo-note (ATC Hall ITM 2F, website: )
Speakers (more speakers will be added, subject to change):
- Alexei Zamyatin (Imperial College London)
- Ben Jones (Plasma Group)
- Dominik Harz (Imperial College London)
- Everett Hildenbrandt (Runtime Verification)
- Patrick McCorry (PISA Research)
- Sudo Osuke (LayerX, the creator of zero-chain)
If you want to present in this meetup, please DM to the organizer (Ryuya Nakamura: )
The recommended topics are:
- Security of protocol (Layer1, Layer2), program (smart contracts, P2P clients, wallets), cryptography, etc.
- Formal verification
- Cryptoeconomic analysis

DEVCON5 Blockchain Research Meetup