Decorative Japanese Dessert Making Workshop デコ和菓子&デコ餅作り体験, auSENDAI 2階イベントスペース, 土曜日, 23. 2月 2019

Make adorable and colorful decorative Japanese wagashi desserts with guidance from Chika Ogasawara. After you make them you can enjoy them accompanied by specially selected matcha tea. This is a fun and accessible workshop open to all- you'll be pleasantly surprised how well they turn out even if it is your first time making them.
*It is possible to take them home but they must be eaten that day
和菓子作りの小笠原ちか先生を講師に、日本伝統の和菓子作りを体験して貰います。皆さんに作って貰うのは、カラフルなデザインがかわいい「デコ和菓子」です。自分で和菓子を作った後は、先生が点てた抹茶と一緒に感想を話しながら美味しくいただきましょう!Locations: on 1/18 (Fri) and 2/7 (Thu.) the event will be held in the auSendai 1st floor cafe space (c zone)On 1/26 (Sat) and 2/23 (Sat) the event will be held in the auSendai 2nd floor event space (g zone)
Language: Japanese, English interpreter will be provided
Minimum size: 3 person minimum per event. In the event of too few participants the event will be cancelled and money refunded.

Decorative Japanese Dessert Making Workshop デコ和菓子&デコ餅作り体験