Craft Beer in Sendai, 9/27 仙台のマイクロブルーワリーを訪問してみよう , Kokucho Beer (Brewpub Beer Nini), 金曜日, 27. 9月 2019

Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or just looking for a unique experience while in Sendai, the Kokucho Beer brewery can be enjoyed by all. Entrenched in the historic town of Kokucho, Kokucho Beer produces Kokucho Ale, the first craft beer in Sendai. The area has been home to merchants and common folk since the Edo period, and even now many places retain the same spirit and customs.
We’ll take you on a guided beer tasting tour. Along the way, you will learn about how the master brewer Konno started the brewery. You will discover not only the styles and flavor of local craft beer, but dive into the history, culture and science that make brewing this delicious beer possible—with fresh beer tasting included. Get a glimpse into the local craft beer scene with us! 
This event is open to Japanese and international visitors and residents, all are welcome.
Where: Kokucho Beer (Brewpub Beer Nini)Time: 75 minutesSize: Up to 6 people (minimum 2)*Cost: 2,650 yenApplication Deadline: 3 days before event*Note that if the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled and money refunded
======Meeting Point and Timetable======
MEETING POINT: In front of the ticket gate at Atagobashi Subway Station by 18:45PM(Atagobashi Station in on Sendai City's Nanboku Subway Line)
18:45 Meet at Atagobashi Subway Station, leave for the venue19:00 Get to know Mr. Konno, learn about and enjoy the taste of local craft beer20:00 End 
=====What’s Included======
Volunteer English interpreter1 freshly brewed beer straight from the tanks
Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
You must be 20 years old or older to consume alcohol in Japan. Drinking and driving are strictly forbidden so please come by public transit or have someone bring you.

会場: 穀町ビール (ブルーパブ「ビア兄」)所用時間: 75分定員: 6名※最少催行人数2名参加費: 2,650円対象: 20歳以上の日本人・外国人
集合場所: 地下鉄南北線 愛宕橋駅 改札前
18:45 愛宕橋駅集合、会場へ19:00 醸造者今野さんからの説明、 ビールの試飲20:00 会場にて解散

Craft Beer in Sendai, 9/27 仙台のマイクロブルーワリーを訪問してみよう