COT & Friends feat. Manuel Le Saux at Solfa, 日本, 日曜日, 14. 1月 2018


イタリアが誇るベテランDJ "Manuel Le Saux" (Extrema Global, A State of Trance, Black Hole, Enhanced)。

ASOT、Luminosity、Tomorrowland、Entrance Festival、Gatecrasherなど、

最近は自身のオリジナル『Evereye』および『Anna Lee - Faces feat. Kate Miles』のリミックスが大ヒットし、

Trackitdownチャート一位、Aly & FilaのWonder of the Week獲得や、
8月にManuelがレーベル・ボスを務めるExtrema Globalより、『Eien』をリリースしたHiroki Nagamine。
そして、あのArmin van Buurenにサポートされ、
Manuelのラジオ・ショー「Extrema」で楽曲を頻繁にプレイされてきたSou Kanai!


Enter the most international indoor rave in Tokyo! With a metropolitan crowd of all backgrounds, plus musical guests from Japan and abroad, come experience the liveliest and fastest-growing community in the party scene!

Italy's trance veteran Manuel Le Saux (Extrema Global, A State of Trance, Black Hole, Enhanced) is a passionately loved hero of the trance scene whose popularity leaps higher with each year. His tour record runs the gamut with ASOT, Luminosity, Tomorrowland, Entrance Festival, Gatecrasher, and many more—the most recent addition to this list being Dreamstate, the largest trance festival in the whole of North America. Yes, that very man is coming back to Tokyo this January!

Armed with recent hits like "Evereye" and a remix of "Anna Lee - Faces feat. Kate Miles"—Manny will no doubt detonate an intense and vibrant uplifting set like never before witnessed.

That's not all. Taking to the stage with him are three renowned uplifters representing Japan:

Pandora, an uplifting DJane with a Trackitdown #1, Wonder of the Week selection by Aly & Fila, and performance at ageHa's main stage to her name.

Hiroki Nagamine, who released "Eien" from Manny's own "Extrema Global" imprint in August, in addition to a plethora of other hits from Blue Soho and more.

Sou Kanai, a DJ whose tracks are regularly played by Manny on his radio show Extrema—plus a play by the big boss ARMIN VAN BUUREN himself!

Welcome to the ULTIMATE in uplifting!

Event Details
- January 14th, 2018 (Sun.)
- 4:00 p.m.
- 3,000 yen (DOOR) / 2,500 yen (ADVANCE)



Advance Tickets


International Act
Manuel Le Saux (ITA / Extrema Global, A State of Trance, Black Hole, Enhanced)

Special Guests (alphabetical order)
Hiroki Nagamine (Extrema Global, Blue Soho)
Sou Kanai (Blue Soho, Amsterdam Trance, Infrasonic Future)

Spotlight Acts (alphabetical order)
Nago (Digital Logics)

Featured Friends (alphabetical order)
AJ (Ligaya, The Church of Trance)
aran (Stratosphere, Unitone)
Rooq (Stratosphere)
Takayuki Tominaga (UN!TE, kosendj-bu)
Takeyuki (LiquID)
T82 (OPUS)
Sinister Dexter

Screen Visuals and LEDs
M.U.//Mikudarihan Uppercut


Live Painting
Kenji Esumi


Video Documentation
Marina Grozdanova



"Mineral Roots" by Hana Euphilosophy (facepaint, raver accessories)

"NITPOT" by Asami Pot (colorful knitted goods: hairbands, pochettes, room shoes, party wear)

Birthday Boys & Girls
Conner Bowman
Gilles De la Mare
Hanako Maruta

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About Manuel Le Saux...

Manuel Le Sauxはローマを拠点に、A State of Trance、Black Hole、Enhancedなどといった著名レーベルより最高級のトランスを発信し続けるスーパー・ベテランDJ兼プロデューサーである。Darren Porter、Ferry Tayle、Talla 2XLC、Jorn van Deynhovenとのコラボ作も数多く、彼の世界的人気は年々高まっていく。ASOT、Luminosity、Tomorrowland、Entrance Festival、Gatecrasher、最近では南カリフォルニアのDreamstateなどの素晴らしいツアー歴を誇る。2013年にファース・トアルバムの「First Light」をリリース後、自身のレーベルExtremaを立ち上げ、同名のラジオショーは現在500エピソードを超えている。

『Loud Noises』、『Rays of Light』といったヒットに続き、セカンド・アルバム「Destiny」が2016年にデジタル媒体よりリリース。このアルバムは日本にインスパイアされた部分が多く、同年の10月の日本デビューではこのアルバムの内容を中心に熱いセットを繰り広げた。最近は自身のオリジナル『Evereye』および『Anna Lee - Faces feat. Kate Miles』のリミックスをリリースし、大成功を収めた。

今回のセカンド・ギグでは、日本を代表する無敵のアップリフターたちPandora、Hiroki Nagamine、そしてSou Kanaiと衝撃の共演を果たす!これぞ日本のアルティメット!

Based in Rome, Manuel Le Saux has been firing off masterpieces from the A State of Trance, Black Hole, Enhanced, and Recoverworld imprints for years, cementing his status as one of the great ultra veterans of the trance genre. He has collaborated with the likes of Darren Porter, Ferry Tayle, Talla 2XLC, Jorn van Deynhoven, and more, stoking the fire of his worldwide popularity. With a spectacular tour record spanning ASOT, Luminosity, Tomorrowland, Entrance Festival, Gatecrasher, and most recently Dreamstate in SoCal—Manny's talent stands thoroughly proven. After dropping his first artist album in 2013, titled "First Light," he launched his own record label, "Extrema." The radio show of the same name now boasts over 500 episodes.

Following hits like "Loud Noises" and "Rays of Light," Manny's second album "Destiny" kicked off its digital release in February 2016. This album was largely inspired by Japan and formed a major part of his Tokyo debut set. Recently, tracks like "Evereye" (out from Extrema) and "Anna Lee - Faces feat. Kate Miles (Manuel Le Saux Remix)" (out from Alex Morph's Universal Nation) have been smashing dance charts everywhere.

For his explosive second gig here, he will be performing alongside Japan's invincible uplifters Pandora, Hiroki Nagamine, and Sou Kanai. This is without a doubt Japan's ultimate uplifting lineup! Do NOT miss it!

COT & Friends feat. Manuel Le Saux at Solfa