Artistic Mindset for Professionals: Prof. Nir Hindi, HIKARIE Conference Room C, 日曜日, 28. 4月 2019

This is a free trial workshop by IE Business School Professor Nir Hindi. In the over-saturated, fast-evolving, techno industry, professionals should develop the underlying foundation and necessary skills to foster their creativity and formulate new business solutions. The world's best innovators - from leaders at Amazon and Apple to those at Google, Skype, and Virgin Group - were identified to have a set of skills that distinguish them from ordinary managers. Majority of these skills that are required to lead innovative organizations can be found in the arts. In this workshop participants will learn valuable and relevant skills that are not being taught in the business world but are most needed in innovation. Skills such as observation, questioning, and ideation, enabling them to approach their business from a different perspective.

Artistic Mindset for Professionals: Prof. Nir Hindi