Advanced World Research on Yeast, Tokyo, 月曜日, 13. 5月 2019

                                     ADVANCED WORLD RESEARCH ON YEAST
                                              May 13-14, 2019 | Tokyo, Japan
Dear Doctor,
On behalf of our Organizing Committee I’m honoured to invite you to speak at Advanced World Research on Yeast, a professionally organized event on 13th and 14th of May, 2019 held at Tokyo, Japan and we would be so excited if you would join us as a Speaker.
Your talk could be up to 25 minutes, on any themes or topics you’re interested in Yeast research- Yeast Genetics, Yeast Biotechnology, Fermentation, Biofuels, Bioremediation, Molecular Biology, Yeast Physiology, Yeast Infections, Pathogenic Yeast and Food Spoilage.
Our goal is to bring bright minds together that are idea-focused on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder provoking conversations that matters.
Have a look at the conference website: Yeast Research 2019
You can submit your research case/ abstract with the title in about 350 words along with your bio sketch in about 150 words and a photograph.
We believe that your voice would be a critical addition to the Yeast Research 2019 stage. Please let us know your interest in speaking at the conference.
For any further queries do revert us.
Looking forward to your active participation.
Thanks and Regards,
Sera Paul,
Conference Service Executive | Yeast Research 2019
Longdom Conferences
C/ Sant Gil 3, 2-3
03001 Barcelona, Spain

Advanced World Research on Yeast